UniVET – German Multiplier Event

On September 20th 2018 an international multiplier event took place in Düsseldorf / Germany.

There was a response of 25 stakeholders from Europe outside the project consortium to take part of this Multiplier Event for presentation of project details and considerations of contents and possible impact.

In brief: the attending stakeholders found themselves, and their VET-organisations respectively, in the approach and the targets of this project. They all face the image of VET being “behind” the one of universities, when it comes to career perspectives for youngsters, as far as they have the opportunity to access universities.

They supported the method of first detecting most important and valuable facts and motives why individuals chose in this or that way. Then the audience was actively involved in the multiplier event by writing down some thoughts of influence factors which might cause a VET or a university career; so the project  received more than 20 valuable opinions by VET-multipliers about crucial factors for the project aim.

The audience agreed with the project about the main influence groups for career decisions and also about images of different branches etc.
This multiplier event was less about presenting (interim) results of UniVET but more about receiving a practical field study from 22 European and 3 German stakeholders in VET. This was quite helpful for directing the activities in the next coming months in the project.

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