UniVET – Italian multiplier event

The Italian partner CEAP has carried out 2 multiplier events:

the first with an international partnership on 13 December 2018 with 6 participants employed in vocational training centers and universities.

The second multiplier event took place on 19 December 2018 with 15 participants employed in different areas of education and vocational training.

Participants were asked to answer 3 questions:

  1. What are the main influencing factors for young people´s career decisions respectively decision factors for VET or university?
  2. Which are the main personality traits that influence career choices?
  3. Why do students increasingly seek in tertiary education, although VET would be more appropriate?

Participants’ responses to multiplier events were very similar:

The factors that most influence career choices are the family first and friends.

Personality traits on the one hand relate to the motivation towards the study but, once again, the family situation is taken into account in terms of the parents’ expectations or to respect family role models.

The motivations, according to the interviewees, which lead to university choice despite VET is more appropriate regards a greater social prestige and the prospect of a better salary

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