Third transnational meeting was held in Lithuania

The third transnational meeting took place in Vilnius on 17 and 18 September 2019.

The main focus of the meeting was to exchange information about the past months and to focus on the implementation of the jointly developed potential analysis method. This was to involve an initial pilot phase with eight students, who were accompanied through all elements of the potential analysis, as well as the subsequent consultation based on the results.

After the pilot phase for Lithuania, all contents of the evaluation and counselling interviews were discussed with the partners and explained step by step on the basis of an exemplary presentation of the results.  All tests and exercises, i.e. the entire documentation of the results, were trained and the transfer to the specially created evaluation software was explained.

In this way, all partners were equipped to carry out comparable potential analyses in their country. Since then, the contents of the UniVET potential analysis have consisted of a test of concentration, a questionnaire on professional interest, a group exercise and its observation by trained personnel, a test on spatial imagination, a questionnaire on training maturity, individual observation of the entire course of the day and an exercise on self-presentation. With these elements it is possible to test the most important personal strengths identified in the previous project phase.

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