Publication of Guidelines for Job Orientation

Over the last few months, the partner consortium in the UniVET project has been working on compiling all the knowledge and information gathered so far in the project and in this way developing the guidelines for job orientation. This includes the information from the initial, comparative study of the career decision factors and the investigation of the most important influencing factors, as well as the findings of the potential analyses developed and carried out subsequently in all five partner countries: Spain, Lithuania, Germany, Italy and Poland.
The current publication is intended to provide information on career paths and hints for a better, targeted professional orientation for all target groups in a profitable way. The guidelines are primarily aimed at school pupils to support their career orientation and students or even university drop-outs who are to be informed about mechanisms of their own personality and factors of a suitable career choice.
In addition, the guidelines are also of interest to vocational training companies which, against the background of good recruitment of young people, are thus given the opportunity to obtain more detailed information about success factors in career choice and to align their processes accordingly.
Other key players who have an influence on young people’s work decisions, such as schools and parents, can also find out about the topic here.
In addition to this project page, an app will soon be available containing all the information worth knowing. As soon as it is published, we will report about it.

Click on the picture to open the “Guidelines for career orientation”.

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