Why do young people choose vocational training or studies?

Based on this question, from September 2018 to the end of February 2019, a comparative analysis of the decision factors and an analysis of the most important influencing factors was carried out within the framework of the UniVET project.

Based on these strengths, between March and October 2019 a measuring instrument for the potentials and interests of young people will be created in order to increase their vocational orientation. The basic idea here is that if the most important factors influencing a young person’s career decision can be measured, they can also be advised individually and purposefully after a test.

Following the survey, the project partners concentrated on the most important factors influencing career decisions and on country-specific differences.

The results can be found in the document available for download here.

Based on the results and knockledge gathered so far, the partner consortium in the UniVET project has developed guidelines for job orientation. These can be found in our download area or here